A Taxonomy of Social Cues for Conversational Agents

When using the taxonomy, please cite as Feine, J., Gnewuch U., Morana S. and Maedche A. (2019): “A Taxonomy of Social Cues for Conversational Agents” International Journal of Human-Computer Studies. To read the paper, please click here.

Social cue: Clothing
Communication system: Visual
Cue category: Appearance
Cue Description
The CA wears items, such as clothes and trousers, to cover, protect, or decorate its body.
Cue example
CA wears a pullover or a suit.
Cue impact
Clothing of the agent impacts the conversation content (Brahnam, Angeli 2012) and formal or informal clothing influences the agent preferences of the user (Mcbreen 2002). Also, the color of cloth impacts the perceived personality type of the agent (Wu et al. 2017). Clothing can be further used to indicate a certain form of agent role (Doctor, Patient) (Zhang et al. 2017).