A Taxonomy of Social Cues for Conversational Agents

When using the taxonomy, please cite as Feine, J., Gnewuch U., Morana S. and Maedche A. (2019): “A Taxonomy of Social Cues for Conversational Agents” International Journal of Human-Computer Studies. To read the paper, please click here.

Social cue: Joke
Communication system: Verbal
Cue category: Content
Cue Description
The CA expresses phrases that cause amusement or laughter.
Cue example
CA: “I am very good at sleeping. I can do it with my eyes closed”.
Cue impact
Using sentences which are assumed to be perceived as funny or using puns make the user respond more socially (Morkes et al. 1999), emotionally (Dybala et al. 2009) and is useful as part of relational behavior strategies to ensure a long-term working alliance (Bickmore et al. 2005). Also, jokes are perceived differently by different groups of users (Braslavski et al. 2018).