A Taxonomy of Social Cues for Conversational Agents

When using the taxonomy, please cite as Feine, J., Gnewuch U., Morana S. and Maedche A. (2019): “A Taxonomy of Social Cues for Conversational Agents” International Journal of Human-Computer Studies. To read the paper, please click here.

Social cue: Proactive interaction
Communication system: Verbal
Cue category: Style
Cue Description
Chatbot initiates proactive interactions in a manner similar to how a person initiates conversations. Proactive interactions may serve a variety of purposes such as recommending, reminding, facilitating learning, or persuading.
Cue example
Push notification that the user ahs a new message from the chatbot.
Cue impact
Effect of agent proactive interactions carries the risk of interruption, especially for users who were generally averse to interruptions at work (Liao et al. 2016)